May is the Greatest Month in Racing!

How are Indycars and hearing aids alike? They both use cutting edge sound technology to produce winning results!

Racetracks are noisy places! An Indycar in full swing can reach about 140 decibels, roughly the same deafening level as a jet taking off!

Indycar drivers rely on sophisticated in-car technology and radio communication to protect their hearing and give them the best chance of taking the checkered flag. Communication is made possible by the steering wheel’s radio button and an in-helmet earpiece.

School classrooms, cafeterias and gymnasiums also present challenging listening environments, especially to students with hearing loss! Access to information for students with hearing loss made possible through modern hearing aid technology is essential to their academic success.

Do you know a child who needs hearing aids?

The Hearing Aid Assistance Program of Indiana (HAAPI) can help! For more information, visit

Phone: 317-828-0211

Fax: 888-887-0932

Email: [email protected]

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