Local Spotlight: Indy Art & Seek

Keep your eyes open the next time you’re venturing around Indy — you might be surprised by all of the art around you.

This is due in part because of a recently launched public art experience called Indy Art & Seek, a project imagined by Keep Indianapolis Beautiful (KIB) and the Arts Council of Indianapolis. Indy Art & Seek features more than 100 engaging and accessible mini-installations, performances, literary pieces and individual artworks along urban streets, as well as six large-scale installations in KIB GreenSpaces throughout Indianapolis.

Local Indianapolis artists worked with community partners, and used existing spaces and conditions to create fun, thoughtful, whimsical and beautiful installations for people to find. An interactive map and mobile app is available to guide participants through the experience, revealing the special locations and spaces. The mobile app launched in early September, and the map can be found at indyartandseek.org.

“These artistic installations are meant to provide unexpected moments of delight for our residents and visitors alike to enjoy and experience,” says Kristina Uland, senior vice president for development and external affairs at Keep Indianapolis Beautiful. “The artists have created incredible pieces of art that are not only meant to be appreciated, but also call attention to how art plays an important part of everyday life.”

Indy Art & Seek includes art interventions — temporary, typically small-scale artistic installations that change the perception of a place. Art interventions provide a fun visual, draw attention to overlooked physical features, spark conversations about topics an artist or community is interested in thinking or talking more about, or highlight positive changes that may be needed or are already taking place.

Although art interventions are often presented as unsanctioned “street art,” Indy Art & Seek art was commissioned and installed with permission for this project. Artistic interventions are often used to make places more dynamic, more inclusive, more appreciated, more fun or more equitable. Indy Art & Seek features art interventions in many different media, including visual, theatrical, musical, dance, literary, street art and more. They include physical installations, live performances and recordings.

For more information about Indy Art & Seek, the artists who participated and to view the map, visit indyartandseek.org. Find the project on social media at @indyartandseek and #artINDseek.



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