Little Foodies: Mochinut

In the mood for chewy mochi doughnuts, Korean-style hot dogs and boba beverages? You’ll find all three at Mochinut, a chain restaurant that specializes in Korean-style snacks.

Mochinut Fishers

Mochinut Menu

Mochinut specializes in Korean corn dogs, mochi donuts and boba drinks.

Korean Corn Dogs

These Korean rice hot dogs are a popular street food trend, and can be customized to your liking! First, pick your topping, which can include dried ramen, hot Cheetos, potato or sweet potato. Next, choose your filling: a beef hot dog, mozzarella, or half hot dog and half mozzarella. You can also choose to make it a “Hot Mess” by adding cilantro, corn, Fritos, onion and the house specialty YumYum sauce.



Mochi Donuts

The mochi donuts are a combination of a traditional Japanese mochi and a fluffy donut. The result is a unique, pillowy-soft texture on the outside, while the inside offers a chewy, stretchy texture unlike a regular yeast or cake donut. Mochi donuts are made with rice flour, and have a distinct shape of eight small balls connected as a circle. The flavors at Mochinut change frequently, but you can find donut flavors like New York cheesecake, strawberry churro, pb&j, honey lavender and lots more.

You’ll also find Mochinut Creamballs, which are like donut holes, but filled with delicious cream!


Boba/Bubble Tea

Mochinut offers boba beverages, including brown sugar, coffee latte, matcha, milk tea, ube, and fruit-forward drinks like cherry berry, orange graefruit and peach mango. You can get all drinks with or without boba.

Locations + Hours

As of now, there are two Mochinut location in central Indiana:

Fishers: 11630 Olio Rd # 105

Sunday-Thursday: 8 am-7 pm
Friday-Saturday: 8 am-8 pm

Plainfield: 2683 E Main St #108

Monday-Thursday: 10:30 am-8 pm
Friday-Saturday: 10:30 am-9 pm
Sunday: 10:30 am-7 pm

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