Kool-Aid Easter Egg Decorating

Spring is finally here!  The weather seems to be catching up to the calendar, thank goodness, and my thoughts are turning to all things spring and to Easter.  I am usually a creature of habit, and so every year when it’s time to color Easter eggs I head to the store, get the PAAS kit, and call it a day.  This year I decided to try something different and searched on Pinterest for a new way to color our Easter eggs.  To say that there are an overwhelming amount of pins on Easter egg decorating is an understatement!  I pinned several and had a hard time deciding which one to try. Maybe it was the nostalgia of Kool-Aid from my childhood, or that it seemed easy and fool proof, but I decided on the Kool-Aid method of coloring eggs.

One of the great things about this method of coloring eggs is that you only need two ingredients for the mixture, Kool-Aid and water. How simple is that? Another great thing about this method is that Kool-Aid is cheap. When I bought my Kool-Aid packets they were five for $1. So it’s easy and cheap, sign me up! The girls and I were ready to color some Easter eggs. We of course used hard boiled eggs to color. There are so many methods of making hard boiled eggs, so use the one that is tried and true for you.

I decided that we would do six different colors for our eggs. The flavors of Kool-Aid that we used were pink lemonade, cherry, lemon-lime, orange, mixed berry, and lemonade. I used mason jars to mix my Kool-Aid and water so that my girls could really see the color of the mixture, but you can use whatever works best for you. I poured 2/3 cup of water into each jar and then added the Kool-Aid. Boy, did these smell yummy! I had to remind my husband that they were to decorate the eggs and not to chug.

The girls each picked three colors (without fighting over them which I consider a major victory!). Next up, egg decorating. The girls loved seeing the eggs in the Kool-Aid mixture and also loved smelling the mixture while they were waiting for the eggs to be done. You can’t say that about the old PAAS coloring kits. The smell of vinegar is not the most pleasant of smells!

We checked the eggs after a couple of minutes and the color was just beautiful. It was already very vibrant and different from the standard egg coloring kits. We didn’t time how long the eggs were in the Kool-Aid mixture. We just kept them in there until they were the color we wanted, or should I say until they were the color the girls wanted. For some of the colors like lemonade it took longer.

I love the way these eggs looked when we were finished. The colors really are beautiful and it was so easy. They definitely look like spring. The girls enjoyed coloring them and I think we have found a new way to decorate our Easter eggs!

Carrie’s Tips

  • Be careful when handling the eggs after they are colored. The Kool-Aid mixture does seem to rub off more easily than other egg coloring mixtures. We had a couple that had spots from where I touched them (you can see that in the photo).
  • If you use lemonade add some orange to the mixture too (I added about a quarter of the packet but next time will add more). Also, if you use pink lemonade add some cherry to it. I stayed away from grape because of what I read in the pin and the way it turned out in the photos but if you do use grape add some mixed berry or berry blue.
  • It doesn’t matter if you use hot or cold water for the Kool-Aid mixture.

    Find this pin on my Well, that was Pinteresting board at: pinterest.com

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