Introducing Gateway Hancock Health

Indy’s east side is about to gain access to more affordable and convenient health care.

On September 9, Gateway Hancock Health officially opens its doors, and will begin offering first-class immediate care and affordable labs and imaging to the community.

“We realize that people are busy, and that convenient, affordable health care can be hard to find,” says Jenn Cox, Business Director, Gateway Hancock Health. “With Gateway, we’ve tried to remove barriers that prevent people from seeking care when they need it.”

At Gateway, tests are an average of 70 percent less expensive than hospital tests. A full array of lab tests are offered, as well as imaging services, such as CT scans, MRI scans, X-rays and ultrasounds, with a doctor’s referral. Gateway also offers pre-visit estimates, real-time status updates on wait times, a 36-hour turnaround time for labs and imaging, and simplified, global billing.

“When we began thinking about what Gateway could be, we knew one thing: We wanted to build a healthcare facility that was approachable, convenient, and accessible to patients,” says Steve Long, President and CEO of Hancock Health. “As we brought Gateway to life, we kept coming back to that goal.”

Part of the plan for making the facility convenient for patients was creating Save Your Spot scheduling, an online check-in feature. Save Your Spot allows patients to save their spot in line, so they can monitor their wait time without having to sit in a waiting room. The technology will provide real-time updates that alert patients when to leave to make it to their appointment on time.

“We hope this cuts down on the length of time patients are sitting in the waiting room before their healthcare provider is ready to see them,” Long says.

Gateway also wanted to make the billing process simpler and more streamlined for its patients. After the appointment, a patient will receive one bill that includes all of the fees for services rendered.

“Too often when patients visit a healthcare system, they receive multiple bills for services rendered. It can be confusing and frustrating to pay those bills as they arrive at different times, which is why we’ve opted for simplified, global billing,” Cox says. “We hope that makes it easier to understand the total cost and complete payment at one time.”

Providing value-conscious care is an important part of Gateway’s mission to provide high-value, affordable healthcare to its patients.

“We work with our patients every step of the way to help them understand their diagnosis, the benefits and risks of treatment, and the costs of care and interventions that we believe will provide the most value in improving their health and their lives,” Long says. “We don’t take that role lightly.”

Gateway is available to anyone and is ideal for patients that are on high deductible health plans. The facility is conveniently located only 15 minutes or less from New Palestine, Greenfield, McCordsville, Lawrence, Irvington, and the east side of Indianapolis.

“We hope that offering these services allows people to put their health first, whether for preventive care, treatment of illness, or the onset of a larger health issue,” Cox says. “Stop in, enjoy a cup of coffee, meet our people, and see what we’re all about.”

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