10 Reasons To Be Excited For Fall + Winter At The IMA

Scott Stulen – Curator of Audience Experiences and Performance at the Indianapolis Museum Of Art – took to the stage Wednesday night with a smile on his face. Perhaps it’s because ArtX – the IMA brainchild organization to draw the community closer to arts-related programming – has completed over 117 events and driven in 23,000 visitors since its inception. But Scott’s enthusiasm was apparent as he began talking, fluidly switching from one innovative idea to the next.
It was time for the 2015 Fall and Winter Programming Preview, and the IMA ArtX lineup did not disappoint. Trust when I say you will be red-circling days on your calendar. Like a LOT of them. Here are 10 reasons to be excited for this fall and winter at the IMA:
1. B-Movie Bingo


Think Killer Klowns From Outer Space is a horrible, b-rated movie? So does the IMA. “Bad movies aren’t as fun to watch by yourself,” said Stulen. Grab friends, play in a friendly bingo competition {squares like “Long Boring Scene” or “Male Ponytail”}, enjoy adult beverages and marvel at the horror of some second-rate films. First up: Collision Course, Saturday 8/22 at 8pm in The TobyOther dates: 12/10 and 3/17/16.


2. Grown Up Summer Camp

Hosier wants to be taken to church – the IMA wants adults to be taken to camp. On Saturday, 8/29, ArtX presents a day-long summer camp program only for adults. The day will be filled with fort-building, nature hikes, art projects, food from Cerulean and more. Bonus: All of us can use a digital detox from time-to-time so devices are bagged up for the day. Saturday, 8/29 from 8am-11pm. Ages 21+.


3. The Autumn Equinox Community Day


First, Community Days are always free at the IMA. And we’ll feature a few of them in this post. Second, Autumn Equinox will feature a number of different sound elements on the grounds from intimate concerts to a sky-gazing exhibit that encourages you to lay on the ground, wear headphones and create your own collective sound experience. Don’t miss the glass wall speaker in the Ruth Lilly Visitors Pavilion – sound can only be heard when visitors press their ear to the pane. Saturday, 9/19 from 2-5pm. 


4. Family Days


We’ve heard so many positives from our readers about this family-centric program. Family Day is celebrated the first Saturday of every month, kicking off with Cereal Cinema – a chance to watch a movie from YOUR youth with kids, then expands into themed-activities. Here are the themes for the coming months:

  • October 3: Garden Harvest featuring pumpkin carving
  • November 7: Secrets, become a secret agent for the day
  • December 5: MadeIN, make homemade gifts for the holidays
  • January 2: Dance Party, including yoga in the galleries and a kids disco party
  • February 6: Modern Music with headphone concerts and a chance to tryout new instruments
  • March 5: Animation Day, learn how to draw animation cells, watch animated shorts and more.


5. Back To The Future I & II On The Big Screen


Relive the favorites of your childhood with a double-feature of Back To The Future on THE DAY. Remember the Delorean clock set into the future? The date was October 21, 2015. So it’s only fitting that you bring friends or the fam for games, concessions and Marty McFly on the big screen. Bonus: The IMA site will transform into the Twin Pines Mall Parking Lot where it all began. Wednesday, 10/21 at 6pm. 


6. Silent Night Community Day

SIlentNight-HERO-ICA hit in 2014, Silent Night returns again this winter offering visitors to ‘explore the joy of science on what is traditionally the wildest, most hectic weekend of the holiday season.’ Tune in to the serenity of soft silence with private headphone concerts, massage and meditation and quiet tours. It will be a perfect way to unwind before the full holiday haze hits. Saturday, 11/28 from 5-8pm and FREE.


7. Winter Nights Film Series

Spend Friday nights escaping the cold of the winter with this cozy series which pairs all the fun of the Summer Nights but in a warm indoor locale. The Winter lineup is currently being finalized but will feature Hoosiers, The Magnificent Seven, Dr. Strangelove and more. Bundle up on Friday, 1/22/16 when Miracle – the drama about the US Men’s Hockey Team winning 1980 Olympic gold – will be shown outside. Watch for the full lineup on the IMA website – it’s coming soon. 


8. The Brand New ArtX Truck


The greater Indy area is blessed with food and fashion trucks galore. Enter the newest mobile offering: The ArtX truck. It’s a moveable art lab and pop-up programming platform that will make its debut at community events, fairs and more. Keep your eyes peeled for this new truck concept – the initial sneak peek was thrilling to see.


9. College Night – Career Day

Open to college students – OR anyone with a budding desire for a career in the arts – the IMA offers this evening to hear about the many different facets of an art profession. Hear from Stulen, Shannon Linker {VP Arts Council of Indy}, Brian McCutcheon {Artist and iFab}, and more. Great time to understand the current job market and network on behalf of your inner starving artist. Thursday, 2/3/16 from 3-8pm.


10. Avant Brunch

AvantBrunch-IC-HEROAn adults-only affair, Avant Brunch combines live music and local chefs for an intimate setting of 50. January’s multi-sensory event will feature chef Alan Sternburg of Cerulean and music by Palmbomen II. Great way to spend a morning with friends. The Saturday, 1/17/2016 Brunch is currently sold out but keep eyes peeled for a second date on 4/9/16.


MORE INFORMATION: This is only a small sampling of the fall and winter programming available at the Indianapolis Museum Of Art. Check out their website for more exciting event announcements, and be sure to follow the new IMA ArtX Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages to stay up to speed. The Indianapolis Museum Of Art is located at 4000 Michigan Road, Indianapolis, near the Butler University campus. Call (317) 923-1331 for more details.




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