I want to change {but I don't want to change!}

Want to change

by Mindy Irish

Online Fitness Coach & NASM CPT; Fishers-area Mom of 4


I remember going in many years back to get my haircut.  I told the stylist that I was trying to grow my hair out long and it was overdue for a cut and that I wanted her to cut it in a whole new style and give me a whole new look, BUT I wanted to make sure it stayed long.  She looked at me really funny with a “Yeah right, lady” kind of look.  Basically I was wanting her to cut my hair but I still wanted it to stay the way it was.  I was hoping for a changed outcome but didn’t want her to really change anything!  She had scissors and hairspray, couldn’t she pull that off?!

This concept is one that I’m seeing all too often in fitness patterns around me.  I’ve read up on other health and wellness writers and seen them make mention of this issue and it’s one that happens commonly among us Americans.  We want to have our cake and eat it, too!

So how does that translate into health and fitness?  I come across it on a daily basis and I’ve been there, too.  People want a physical change and want to look and feel differently, but they don’t always want to DO differently.  

In general, they’re hoping they can still carry on the same habits and ultimately get a different outcome than the one they have.

It’s like they’re experimenting with their actions and trying to find a way to keep eating the same foods, doing the same activity {or lack of}, but hoping that somehow their body just “gets” it and starts to change.  Unfortunately, it does not work like that.

If you want to change your look and feel and experience an overhaul, a transformation, or at least notice some type of difference in what you have now, you HAVE to change what you’re doing.  In my opinion, your eating habits must be first and foremost addressed.  Maybe the super sugary creamer in your coffee (for example), the sneaks of kids’ food after their meal, and the “just one more bite” has got to go or you can expect to get the results you have now.

With my online fitness clients, I tell people they have two choices: either choose to change or choose to accept you how you are and be content with what you’ve got.  Either way is fine and no one’s saying you must change anything, but ultimately the ball will always lie in your court.  Please don’t waste one more day fretting over the results you’re not getting by continuing to do the same thing you’ve always done.  Either choose contentment or choose to change.

Life is too short to be in turmoil over this!

Just know that when you’re ready, science will be on your side and the changes in your habits for the long haul will have long term, positive paybacks.  It’s never easy to turn the looking glass on yourself and take ownership for what you’re doing, but it’s your only option.  No one else can get this done for you but you.

There are plenty of tools out there to come alongside you on this journey and it won’t be easy, but it will be worth it.  Carry on and remember, you’ve got what it takes to get where you want to be….just one consistent, patient-filled day at a time.  As always, #justkeepgoing!

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