“I love you past Japanda.”

(This entry is my Valentine to all you parents! It is an excerpt from my yet-to-be published diary-style book, written in 2010.)

July 20, 2010

I love that Clara studies geography at school. Every night as we tuck her in, we love each other past a new place. “I love you past Florida!” she’ll say. “I love you past Europe,” I counter.

Some nights she loves me past Texas, Italy and Infinity. And some nights, she loves me past “Japanda.” That one is hard to top.

But the other night I thought I had one-upped her to the ultimate degree.

“I love you past the Universe,” I told her. “And past Forever.”

“I love you past HEAVEN. And EVERYTHING,” she told me. Case closed.

I know that as years go by a lot of our memories will turn as mushy as the infamous sidewalk chalk she once put in the blender. Still, I hope Ian and I will always remember how hilarious, sweet, strong-willed and very unique our girl was when she was 4 years old.

I love her past Florida. Past Japanda. Past Forever. Past Heaven.

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