How to Choose a School

At The Oaks Academy, we know you want to be confident that the school you select is the best school to prepare your child for a successful future.

Here are six questions that can help you choose a school that is best for your child and family.

Can you see your child and family fully participating in this school?

Be sure you can see yourself engaging in the community and day-to-day life of the school. Make sure that family engagement is one of the school’s values, and that your participation is welcomed in the school environment.

Is this a school that sees your child as you see them?

A great school will see the value and beauty of who your child is now. While a school’s job is to prepare your child for the future, it should also recognize and acknowledge that your child is already a fully formed person, that yes, needs to mature and grow, but is also full of potential.

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Do relationships come first? 

Choose a school that values relationships with parents and students more than grades and test scores. School leadership, teachers, students, and parents should regularly interact with one another, forming strong relationships that help your child succeed.  

Is this a school where there is a sense of joy? 

Great schools have a palpable sense of joy that overflows from teachers and students. It is a joy that comes from each student being known and loved, therefore allowing them to feel safe, secure, and supported as they learn. 

Is this a school that provides students with a curriculum that is worthy of their love and affection?

As you select a school, make sure the curriculum is carefully designed, and that you know the criteria for selection and philosophy of the curriculum.

Does the school have a vision for your child beyond academic preparation and success?

While success and academic preparation are of utmost importance in any school, consider the school’s broader goal for your child. The best school for your child should prepare them for not only academic success, but also success in relationships, in the ability to engage with ideas, and in critical thinking and reasoning skills.

Do these questions resonate with what you’re looking for in a school for your child? Check out The Oaks Academy. Serving Pre-K through 8th-grade students in Indianapolis and surrounding communities, The Oaks values relationships with parents and students, while also maintaining high academic standards. Sign up for a visit to experience the joy of The Oaks Academy. 

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