Hidden Gems: The Idle

Perhaps your children find cars fascinating.

Or maybe you’re biking along the Cultural Trail and need a place to rest. Or maybe you’re just curious about the most bizarre little park in Indianapolis. Whatever your reason, make your way over to where I-65 and I-70 intersect in Fountain Square. There, you’ll see The Idle, a unique park where you can sit and watch the traffic go by, high above the interstate.

To get to The Idle, look for a sign on Virginia Street, just off the Cultural Trail. Meander down a path that opens to a clearing with three rows of stadium seats. Pick your favorite spot, sit down and watch the world (or at least the cars the interstate) go by.

The Idle was designed as a public gathering space to bridge the neighborhoods that were permanently divided 40 years ago when the interstates were constructed. The person who spearheaded the project, Tom Battista, hopes that The Idle will serve as a place for people to connect with their neighbors.

The Idle is surrounded by nature and art, and this, combined with the white-noise whoosh of the cars, makes this a unique and surprisingly calming place to enjoy Indianapolis at its most wonderfully weird.

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