Hidden Gems: PetPeople

For Christmas this past year, our boys received the ultimate gift: a puppy. This adorable little guy, a Corgi named Rudolph, has added so much to our home. He has added so much fun. So much laughter. So much happiness. So much love. And, of course, as all puppies do, so so so much mess.

This month’s Hidden Gem is going to the dogs. Our favorite place to take Rudolph, besides the free dog park at Clay Terrace in Carmel, is a little pet shop called PetPeople, that is tucked in a shopping center at Cool Creek Commons on 146th Street. PetPeople is a chain that doesn’t feel like a chain. There are locations all around Indy, including Nora, Fishers and Greenwood.

Our favorite part of this store, and what makes it a hidden gem to us, is actually the Do-It-Yourself Doggy Bath within the store. For only $12, you are able to get your very own doggy bath station, which includes a luxurious selection of shampoos, freshly washed towels, a powerful dryer and both adult and child-sized aprons.

A well-spent Saturday to my boys includes a muddy romp at the dog park followed by a PetPeople doggy bath. Each boy takes a turn as a shampooer, rinser and dryer. It’s a real-life operation. They run the show with just a little bit of guidance. It costs a lot less than a professional groomer, and it is way more fun!

Various locations around Indy | petpeople.com

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