Hidden Gems of Hamilton County

Hidden gems are everywhere – sometimes all it takes is a fresh set of eyes to see them! Here are two Hamilton County spots worth uncovering while summer is still here.


What do you call it when someone plays golf using his or her feet? This brand new sport is called Footgolf, and it’s sweeping Hamilton County! The rules are the same as golf, except for using your feet instead of a club – and the holes are soccer ball-sized! Balmoral Golf Club in Fishers and Fox Prairie Golf Course in Noblesville offer Footgolf play for anyone old enough to kick a soccer ball! Visit balmoralgolfclub.com or foxprairie.com for more information.

Bub’s Café

When most think of Bub’s they think of burgers, so this pancake place right on the Monon in Carmel is often forgotten! Perfect for a sunny summer morning treat, Bub’s Café is famous for their pancakes and “Bub holes.” Order flapjacks with bananas, blueberries, chocolate chips or strawberries. Or, if you’re feeling ambitious, go for the Big Stack – a tower 12 pancakes tall to devour or split amongst the family! Visit Bub’s Café at 220 2nd St. SW in Carmel.

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