Hidden Gems: Buff City Soap

Buff City Soap is a colorful, deliciously scented shop that is sure to add a bit of joy to your day.

All of the products in the shop are 100% plant-based. As we toured the store, we could smell the different scents, including bath bombs in the kids’ section that smell just like Fruit Loops! My son said it made him hungry. (He seems to always be hungry lately — maybe that’s just how 12-year-old boys are?)


After a walk around the shop, we went to the bath bomb bar to create a naked bath bomb. My son was able to choose a scent and colors for his paint tray. He chose a vanilla scent with neon colors.

While I shopped, my son painted his bath bomb. Two more kids entered the shop to do the same thing. When they were finished painting their bath bombs, they were packaged up to go. I can honestly say that my son has never been as eager to take a bath as he was that night, nor has he ever smelled as good! The bath bomb bar is a free experience along with any purchase in the store.

Buff City also offers birthday party packages. For $200, the birthday kid and several friends get to mix, mold and paint between 6-7 bath bombs each. And their bath bombs serve as the party favor, too.

12955 Old Meridian St Suite #150, Carmel | buffcitysoap.com

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