Hey You Guys – White River State Park is Fun

I have lived in Indianapolis for nearly 17 years, and the beauty of being an “outsider” is that I am still discovering local treats. Such was the case when my family was invited to come down to a screening of Goonies at White River State Park.

White River State Park

Wait. They show movies at White River State Park? I thought that place was just for concerts?

So, I underestimated White River State Park. I knew it existed, but thought I had never been there. And that’s because I didn’t realize how big it actually is.

White River State Park encompasses more than a concert venue. It includes the State Museum, the NCAA Hall of Champions, the Indianapolis Zoo, the Eiteljorg, Victory Field, the State Farm Bureau Insurance Lawn, the IMAX, and everything in between.

Apparently, I had been to White River State Park, but still hadn’t scratched the surface.

Having said that there are some gems of activities that occur there. Some of them require tickets, but others (like the screening of Goonies) are absolutely free.

Yes, I said free.

The event was fun and simple to attend. While there were some chairs available to the public, most people brought their own or brought a blanket to throw down on the ground. There were games available to fill up the time before the movie began – not to mention all the green space available to simply toss a frisbee, ball, or just do handsprings.

There was a wide range of people in the crowd – families with kids, couples sans kids, groups of friends, etc. It was like a fun low key picnic.

Parked in front of the IMAX was a food truck with some amazing pizza. There was also a stand selling popcorn, candy, non-alcoholic drinks, and beer from Metazoa Brewery.

Pizza Food Truck

When the sun settled for the evening, the movie began and our adventure continued.

We definitely enjoyed our time on the lawn, and look forward to another opportunity to take in the fun at White River State Park. I still need to take in the Segway Tour or rent one of those bikes.

If you happen to be a Wizard, one of those opportunities may be occurring in the form of the Wizards Unite Fan Festival slated to occur over Labor Day weekend. More details to follow.

Have you been to White River State Park? If so, what has been your favorite experience?

A special thank you to White River State Park and Herd Strategies for the invite.

Creed Anthony is a dad, husband, educator, and freelance writer who loves exploring fun adventures in Indy and beyond. Have a fun place to visit or experience? Send tips or links to [email protected]. Follow Creed’s adventures on Instagram @captain_creed.

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