Halloween for Your Child with Autism

Lions, tigers and bears, oh my! With a little bit of practice and preparation, Halloween for your child with autism can be a fun time and a great memory. Here are some tips to make your Halloween a fun event for all.

1. Choose a comfortable costume.

Having a simple costume that is appropriately sized can make your child more comfortable for the entire night.

2. Practice makes perfect.

Some children with autism need extra practice to prepare for Halloween. Consider a dress rehearsal to practice wearing costumes and walking the route you plan to take for trick-or-treating. This can help children know what to expect before the big event. This can also help children practice the routine of knocking on neighbors’ doors, talking with others and transitioning to the next home.

3. Consider an alternative Halloween event.

Even with practice, some children may not be ready for traditional trick-or-treating. Consider allowing your child to dress up, stay home with you and hand out candy to trick-or-treaters. This will allow your child to take part in social interaction in a familiar place, while also allowing for sensory breaks to ease into the night as needed. Many agencies also host Halloween parties that include trick-or-treat and other fun activities. The Autism Family Resource Center at Easter Seals Crossroads hosts a family Halloween party that includes snacks, drinks, crafts, games and a modified trick-or-treat experience for the entire family.

Whatever activity you choose, Halloween can be a fun experience for the entire family!

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