Gymnastics, Cheer and Dance

As summer is in full swing, many parents are on the hunt for fun activities to keep their kids entertained and active. With a variety of options to choose from, it’s essential to do some homework to find out which activity suits your child best.

Gymnastics, cheer and dance are great activities to keep your child socially and physically engaged.

In addition to teaching self-discipline, gymnastics allows your child to develop better coordination and body movement. “Children from as young as 18 months can begin in gymnastics related classes,” says Stephanie Robinson, Complex Manager at A Plus Gymnastics Center in Noblesville. When considering a gym, parents should confirm that trainers have been certified in the USAG’s Safety Certification Program and that their child is being supervised at all times.

Does your child love to root their team on to victory? Cheerleading is an exciting way to develop confidence and build cardiovascular strength and physical endurance.

Cheerleading squads often become like mini “families” as they spend extended periods of time practicing, performing and traveling together. Teamwork is a necessity as each member learns to rely on the other as they cheer, tumble and build human pyramids.

When looking for a cheerleading program, be sure to confirm that the coach is safety certified. It’s also important to decide ahead of time at what level your child would like to participate. Many cheerleaders are involved not only in their school squad but a traveling squad as well.

If your child enjoys keeping a beat, dance class may be a creative avenue to tap into their rhythmic skill. In addition to exercise, dance can improve a child’s body image, self-esteem and communication skills.

When looking for a dance studio, be sure to consider the teaching philosophy. While many studios focus on recreational dance, others concentrate on pre-professional training. “A parent should always visit a studio, unannounced maybe, to get a feel for the class and the other children and parents involved. It’s always a good idea to have your child take a trial class before committing,” says Michelle Stewart, Owner of Pink Slipper Dance Studio in Noblesville.

Gymnastics, cheer and dance all offer great benefits. Enrolling in a camp or clinic this summer can give your child a feel for the sport prior to committing long term.

Interested in learning more? Below is a sample of some of the many cheer, dance and gymnastics programs available in our area.


M-Power Gymnastics

Spectrum Sports

A-Plus Gymnastics Center

Deveau’s School Of Gymnastics



Indiana Elite All Star Cheer and Dance

Hollywood Cheer and Tumble

Speed Athletics


Academy of Dance Arts

Central Indiana Academy of Dance

Dance Class Studio

The Pink Slipper Dance Studio

Wishes Dance Studio

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