Getting in the Spirit with a Beef and Boards Christmas

Beef and Boards Christmas - Indy's ChildTonight’s 10 p.m. wish: that more people could experience the magic of live music and theatre during the holiday season.
Christmas EXPLODED in my house the day after Thanksgiving, when my 5-year-old daughter went on a merry tear with the decorations. I was busy fixing dinner, but she COULD NOT WAIT to decorate. As a result, we have one headless camel in the manger scene, a tree that is very bottom-heavy with handmade ornaments, and Nutcracker dolls in strange configurations playing “house” together. But I won’t dare complain. My determined little elf singlehandedly blanketed the house in holiday spirit. I’m cool with that.
So – I didn’t think I needed help getting into the spirit of the season, but a girls’ night out to Beef & Boards Dinner Theatre added some sweet icing on the Christmas cake.
I just don’t know how it’s possible to be anything but joyful while watching these talented singers and dancers (many of them my friends!) spin across the stage in sparkling costumes, filling the theatre with their gorgeous voices. It’s hard to take your eyes off Deb Wims and Kenny Shepard when they glide together across the stage – and I found myself grinning ear to ear during their numbers, knowing that they are just as lovely in “reality” as they are in this magical winter wonderland of a show.
The polished quartet of featured vocalists sounded great together, especially in quieter moments when you could hear the gorgeous blend of their harmonies. The LIVE orchestra on stage sounded and looked GREAT! The dancers looked amazing in their impressive array of costumes. (Beautiful work as always, costume designer Jill Kelly! My friend who joined me at the show said she wanted to take home one of each costume for herself. Why not?) As I watched the dance ensemble, I constantly found myself: a.) Wondering how on earth they learned that much choreography so quickly; and b.) Kicking myself for not being more committed to stretching. I am so envious of their flexibility and grace!
The kids in the crowd went nuts for the costumed characters (Rudolph, Alvin and the Chipmunks, and the Grinch), and most of us adults did too.
Santa cracked some corny-but-merry jokes, and won me over with his adorable Elvis number. (Santa with sideburns and swiveling hips is certainly something to behold. Ho ho ho and thankyouverymuch.)
Let it Snow
The highlight of the show for me was vocalist Kendra Lynn Lucas’ heartfelt performance of “O Holy Night.” Her passion was as powerful as her gorgeous voice. I was totally swept up in the moment! I stayed to chat with cast members after the show, and Kendra confirmed what I suspected: that song has a big place in her heart, and she FEELS every note while she performs it.
And that’s the magical thing about live theatre: when the people on stage feel the magic of a moment, we feel it right along with them.
Thanks, Beef & Boards cast and crew, for helping us all feel the spirit of Christmas.

MORE INFO: A Beef and Boards Christmas runs through Dec. 23. Beef and Boards is located at 9301 Michigan Road, Indianapolis. For all show times and ticketing information call {317} 872-9664 or visit

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