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Geist Park

Geist Park is a great place for nature lovers, outdoor enthusiasts and families looking for a fun place to play. Located in Fortville, this 17-acre park is nestled on the banks of Fall Creek, and has one of the area’s best playgrounds.


Geist Park Playground

The playground at Geist Park is a great place for children who love to climb! Remodeled and updated in 2018, the playground includes a play structure with lots of ropes, ramps and things to climb. The play structure looks like a big, modern treehouse, and it’s set up almost like an obstacle course. It’s possible to get from one end of the play structure to the other without touching the ground — the perfect challenge for your next Floor is Lava game! 

The playground also has slides, swings — including swings for really young children, as well as a tandem swing that parents and kids can ride on together —  riding toys and tunnels. The ground is covered with wood chips, so it’s nice and soft to protect accidental falls. There are also benches all around, so parents can sit and see their kids play from whatever angle they happen to be in.

Hiking, Canoeing and Fishing at Geist Park

Geist Park has two trails that offer easy hiking, even for young kids. One trail runs through a shady, open area near the parking lot. The other trail runs through the woods and along the creek. From start to finish, the hiking trails are about one mile long.

Located on Fall Creek, this park is also ideal for water activities. Visitors can enjoy canoeing and kayaking, and Geist Park has two canoe launch areas located right on the creek. This is also a nice place to go creek stomping when the weather is warm! The creek is also a great place to bring your fishing pole and go fishing.

Geist Park is Paradise for Nature Enthusiasts

If you love birds, then bring your binoculars to Geist Park! This park is a haven for birdwatchers. Geist Park is located on land that has many natural wetland areas, and attracts many water birds like ducks, geese, heron and egrets, and other birds like Bald Eagles, hawks and others. The park also has lots of areas with native prairie grasses that make perfect nesting areas for birds.

Visitors might also spot animals like deer and rabbits, as well as turtles sunning themselves on rocks and frogs swimming in Fall Creek. 

More Info

Geist Park is located at 10979 Florida Road in Fortville. For more information, visit hamiltoncounty.in.gov/Facilities/Facility/Details/Geist-Park-4



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