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For any parent with school age children, the phrase “Back-to-School” carries a lot of weight. For some, it is exciting to think about shopping for new backpacks and binders, preparing to meet new teachers and watching your children begin new concepts and topics. For others, it means preparing for an uphill battle as struggling students recover from the Summer Slide (learning loss over the long summer break). And this year, due to the lackluster end to the school  year, students are faced with additional learning loss from the COVID slide.

Even advanced students can have trouble during this time, often experiencing boredom due to a lack of appropriate challenges while the rest of the classroom is remediating and reviewing previous fundamentals. Whatever the case, the first few months of the school year is a critical moment for every student and the support each child needs is as unique as the children, themselves.

“…Mathnasium creates individualized learning plans for every child.”

Mathnasium has built their entire Mathnasium Method on the foundation of custom-tailored support for every student. Managing their own K-12 curriculum, Mathnasium creates individualized learning plans for every child. Students receive an initial, risk-free assessment to determine a child’s strengths, weaknesses, pace, and learning style on a granular level with which Mathnasium designs a learning plan specifically for your child. Before signing up or paying a cent, you will know where your child is starting and how Mathnasium will accomplish your learning goals. The process is the same for students who are struggling with confidence or attitude, lacking in fundamentals or conceptual awareness, and for those who are ready to advance beyond their grade. Regular progress checks and parent communication keeps you informed of your child’s ongoing learning and results.

The individual attention and focus does not stop after the assessment. Both online and in-center, students receive 1-on-1 support in real-time to achieve understanding and mastery in every moment. These instructors receive regular training on the best techniques to engage with students across a wide variety of learning styles and aptitudes. Students receive their instruction and homework support in a 1-on-1 manner, allowing their questions to be answered directly and receiving immediate feedback to ensure understanding and accuracy. Furthermore, Mathnasium wants to avoid your student becoming dependent on their instructors, incapable of completing work without someone holding their hand. To accomplish this, each instructor works with two to three students during a lesson. This is the sweet spot to ensure every student gets the regular, 1-on-1 support they need while giving them moments to try things on their own and gain confidence in their abilities.

“Both online and in-center, students receive 1-on-1 support in real-time to achieve understanding and mastery on every question.”

Traditionally offering in-center as the only mode of education, Mathnasium broadened the offering of their successful online learning option titled Mathnasium@home in early 2020. Initially intended for students with long commutes or unique challenges in a learning center environment, the program has become both necessary and beneficial for many families during the COVID-19 pandemic. From the comfort and convenience of home, students can access the same material and receive live, 1-on-1 instruction from the familiar faces of their local instructors. With in-center and online options available and regular hours during the week and weekends, Mathnasium provides families the flexibility they need to work around the everyday demands of your schedule.

Mathnasium boasts a simple mission statement: Changing Lives Through Math. This four-word phrase highlights the importance of math in a child’s learning and the immeasurable impact it will have on their future. Not every student needs to be a physicist or engineer or economist, nor should they be. But math impacts us all in ways we rarely consider, and empowering your child with the gift of confidence in their learning will unlock incredible opportunities for their future.

Mathnasium offers free assessments and consultations for all families with K-12 students. Locations in Brownsburg, Carmel, Fishers, Noblesville and Zionsville. Remote and in-center options available. Use the links below to contact a convenient location

Contact an Indy area location today to schedule a risk-free assessment:


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