Float Troy: One-of-a-Kind Floating Tent Adventure

Do your kiddos wake up every day looking for an adventure? Connect them with nature and excitement overnight on a floating tent in Troy, Ohio!

Float Troy is an exciting and unique outdoor experience that allows visitors to enjoy the beauty of the Great Miami River in a whole new way. Offering one-of-a-kind floating tents, Float Troy provides adventurers with an unforgettable experience.


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What makes Float Troy unique?

Float Troy stands out from other outdoor adventures because it offers exclusive floating tents that cannot be found anywhere else in the United States. These Shoal tents are inflatable, floating rafts with a tent topper, allowing guests to sleep comfortably on the water while surrounded by nature.

Where is Float Troy located?

Float Troy is located on the picturesque Great Miami River in Troy, providing the perfect setting for a memorable adventure. The tents are located at Treasure Island Park. Find map here. 

Reserve your floating tent here. Limited availability remaining for the 2023 summer season. 

The tent rental fee per night is $95. Your overnight rental includes:

  • the floating tent
  • raft or kayak
  • dry bag
  • Float Troy swag

Bring your own kayaks or use theirs, this stretch of the Great Miami is calm and perfect for a relaxing paddle around Troy’s beautiful parks.

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What to bring?

For a one-night excursion, keep your packing light. Grab a few garbage bags to keep your personal items dry like sleeping bags, pillow, flashlight, glow sticks and snacks. Tip: grab a few shelf-stable cold brew coffees for mom/dad/grandparents in the morning.

Floating fire pits are first come first serve and really elevate your experience! Avoid a challenging start by bringing along a clean-burning 4-hour fire log. Don’t forget your lighter at home!


The security at Float Troy on Treasure Island is tremendous with 7 cameras and an on-call assistant available 24 hours. The surrounding areas are well lit until around 10pm, when the light house is the only light that continues to shine. Bathroom facilities are available nearby overnight.

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If you’re up for a very mild but relaxing challenge, Float Troy is the place to be! The kiddos can swim around the rocky bottom river or stay dry on the bike trail on warm days. Expect to get a teeny tiny bit wet while transferring items.

Troy is home to a charming downtown area, the locals suggest K’s Hamburger Shop for dinner AND breakfast! Grandpa Joe’s Candy Shop is a fun stop for the entire family with $5 candy buffet boxes!!

Explore the area then relax by your floating fire, Float Troy has created an enjoyable venue to fuel your adventurous side!

2023 Float Troy Dates:

  • June 23-30
  • July 1-4
  • August 4-13 & 25-31
  • September 1-4

Sites are booking quickly. Grab yours here. 

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