Five Reasons to Make Impish the Elf Your Newest Christmas Tradition

The holidays are just around the corner, and whether you’re a mother of eight (like me) or you are just beginning to plan a family, this is most likely the busiest, most expensive, and stress-laden time of year for you as a caregiver. But it doesn’t have to be that way! Invite Impish the Elf into your home and watch as her magic brings more to your family than just gifts under the tree!

Meet Impish: She’s Santa’s Number One Gift-Wrapping Elf.

For years, Impish dreaded the frightfully long winters at the North Pole, until one day she discovered she could bring warmth and joy to children with her gift-wrapping antics.

Impish is not just a children’s book; It’s a life-long tradition.

When this crafty and clever, festive and feisty little elf wraps gifts for Santa, she mysteriously leaves off the names! How to decide which presents belong to whom? Follow the clues Impish leaves behind in your stockings. Every year, Impish shares a new book in her series, a new theme from which her clues are built. Build anticipation and excitement as your family rushes to see what Impish has in store for them this year and come back every year to share in her newest adventure!

Keep magic a part of childhood, ok, and adulthood too!

There’s really only one time a year as majestic and magical and wondrous and spirit filled as Christmas. As parents and caregivers, we have a lot of responsibilities to ensure our children are raised to be the very best version of themselves. However, it is our privilege to encourage and nurture their natural creativity, wonder, and innocence; what better opportunity than at Christmastime! Surely nothing could me more magical than an imaginative elf planning a great adventure for your holiday morning!

Make a little less a whole lot more.

Everyone has a budget, and when Impish visits your home with her gift-wrapping antics, children will have so much fun figuring out clues and searching for their gifts, they spend more time opening fewer gifts. Our family always takes turns opening gifts, littlest to biggest, one-at-a-time, helping each other select the perfect gift to open with their clue. Rather than a rapid, paper-ripping frenzy, a modest pile of presents lasts all morning long. The little ones are thrilled with the hunt, and the adults appreciate the creative gesture! No more budget busting… BAM!


We spend all year going in a thousand different directions! Spend this Christmas morning embracing family time as you work together to solve Impish’s handiwork. Enjoy reading her newest story aloud and be present in the magical moment when your littles discover what this gift-wrapping elf has done just for them! How special they must be!

YES, you can!

I get it; you’re overworked and stressed enough already. How in the world could you pull off an Impish visit in your own home? EASY! With the author blog, get a step-by-step guide, useful implementation tips, tricks of the trade, and author-guided support. You can even email her directly to help pull off the most magical Christmas ever – well, until next year!

To learn more about Impish or to purchase a book, please click here.

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