Five Reasons I Love Being a Dad

In honor of Father’s Day, I put together a short list of reasons I love being a dad. Of course, there are many more, but these five are a good start.

#1- My kids make me a better person.

Whether they act like it or not, they are always listening to what I have to say and repeating words that come out of my mouth. Since having kids, I’ve been forced to think before I speak. They also make me want to take better care of myself. The first time I ever ran a race was when my oldest was one year old. I started running so I could keep up with my kids when they were young and hopefully continue to keep up with them as they get older.

#2- My kids think I’m cool.

Well, two-thirds of my kids think I’m cool. First Born thinks my singing voice is bad (which is true), my jokes are terrible and my puns aren’t very “punny.” My younger two kids though, they’re still too young to know better. So for a few more years I will relish in the fact that I’m the coolest guy my two and four-year-old know.

#3- Talking with other dads.

As a teenage boy, many conversations with other guys were about sports, girls, and fast cars. Now I find myself having conversations (that are equal parts, informative, ridiculous and entertaining) with dads about what sports our kids enjoy playing, keeping boys away from our girls, and how much we love our minivans.

#4- Turning being a dad into a part-time job.

I love being with my kids. I love the time I spend with them. The situations we get ourselves into, and barely out of sometimes, are fun to share with all of you. I’m fortunate enough to work for Indy’s Child and Cincinnati Parent sharing these stories.

#5- It’s FUN!

Sneaking into my daughter’s room, stashing money under her pillow in exchange for a tooth, running alongside my kids as they pedal a bike without help for the first time, building sand castles with them at the beach, and so many other fun things I wouldn’t get to do if I wasn’t a dad.

Dads, what are some reasons YOU love being a dad?


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