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Photo credits: The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis

The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis has had a busy Spring! In addition to launching the Chocolate Slide, Chocolate Cafe and new Alien Worlds and Androids exhibit, they quietly unveiled the new Fables Across Time: Kalila and Dimna exhibit on March 19th. Fables Across Time investigates how animal myths and stories capture the imaginations of children around the world. Kalila and Dimna is a classic Arabic collection of such fables, and this unique glimpse into why it was created and its similarities to tales in Western folklore invites conversations between two cultures. Hands-on activities, opportunities for role-play, and digital e-books will provide an in-depth look at timeless characters and stories. Here, IC Insider Shelly dishes on her visit to see the exhibit and why it’s worth a stop during your Museum visit.

I was recently lucky enough to experience my new favorite exhibit at The Children’s Museum of IndianapolisFables Across Time: Kalila and Dimna. You know how there are some things you ‘know’ but when you see them in a tangible way you become fascinated by them? That’s what happened to me when I toured the exhibit with lead curator Sabiha Al Khemir.

Fables Across Time

There is so much I want to tell you about this exhibit but will leave you with the key points as to not spoil it before you go. Using stories from the famous collection of fables known as Kalila and Dimna, this interactive exhibit brings the characters, their relationships and lessons to life. The display showcases storytelling in the form of digital media, illustration, hands-on games and theater. The exhibit is pioneering international collaboration between the US and Bahrain, where it first opened.

As you go through the exhibit you’ll notice everything is written twice, once in English and once in Arabic. This is because Sabiha collaborated with both The Children’s Museum and the Bahrain National Museum in Manama to exemplify storytelling across the world.

Fables Across Time

I loved the quote you see as you walk through the kaleidoscope entrance – ‘Fables mirror our morals, our cultures, ourselves…’ The idea of fables mirroring our lives is woven throughout the exhibit and demonstrates how these stories are so relatable to each of us at different points of our life, no matter our age.

Fables Across Time

The goal behind Fables Across Time: Kalila and Dimna is demonstrating that the earliest stories that were told centuries ago are still being told in some form all across the world. The same messages our grandparents told our parents before bed, we now tell our children. Family learning is huge and The Children’s Museum is helping to spark conversation between generations on lessons that are weaved throughout our lifetime.

Fables Across Time

The illustrations by Sabiha are as enchanting as the stories and are worth the trip alone. Be sure to check out the interactive fables on the iPads. Those exact stories will be available in the app store in May for you to enjoy at home!

Fables Across Time

MORE INFO: Fables Across Time: Kalila and Dimna will be running thru June 12, 2016 at The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis. The Museum is located at 3000 N Meridian St, Indianapolis. General admission fees are required; members get in for free. Call {317} 334-4000 or visit childrensmuseum.org for more information. Select photos used thanks to the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis.

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