Exploring the Lowe’s Build and Grow clinics

Children should learn how to use tools.

Unfortunately for my children, I am not the handiest dad around. Case in point: Before we moved – and when something broke in my house – my children’s first inclination was to go next door and ask our neighbor if he could reattach, fix, or construct something. They would literally walk right past me.
I have been getting better, but in the meantime I have fun opportunities like the Lowe’s Build and Grow Clinic series that give my children the opportunity to get tools in their hands and the chance to create something fun. This weekend, we had the opportunity to build a boat.


Here’s how the Lowe’s Build and Grow clinics work:

The very first thing you have to do is register online, but be warned, these clinics fill up quickly. You can sign multiple children up but unfortunately, you cannot sign up through the store – you’ll have to do it through the website and select your nearest location.
Lowe's Build Grow _ Indy's Child
On the date of the clinic, arrive on time to guarantee your spot as no-shows or late-comers may lose their space to walk-ins. When you arrive, your child will receive a free apron, goggles and project kit, and get to complete their very own, DIY project taught by a special instructor. The apron not only keeps your child clean {and makes them feel very cool!}, it also functions as a Scouts-type vest where kids can show off their badges. Your kid will get an iron-on badge after completing each workshop. Some of the kids in our class had an impressive amount of badges!
Lowe's Build Grow _ Indy's Child
For our clinic, our project was a fire boat case. Our boat consisted of four steps that my 5 year-old was able to handle.They got their own, real-yet-kid-sized, tools to use, and learned simple skills like hammering and following step-by-step instructions. I was very impressed by how much they did on their own!
Lowe's Build Grow _ Indy's Child
My two had their own large table, with lots of room to spread out and work without being all over each other. The instructor was super friendly and helpful, and she did a great job explaining everything. It was definitely nice to have someone else coordinating craft time! The entire experience did not take more than about 20 minutes (including the application of stickers). And at the end, the kids walked out with their boats, aprons, and also their patches – and they were excited to find out about the next opportunity to go back and build.
Lowe's Build Grow _ Indy's Child
The tables provide plenty of space for kids to spread out their supplies.
As you can see, this is a free fun event and activity that gets both the kids and the parents involved. The kids walk out with a fun little product, and you get to safely spend some time with the kiddos and tools. Now, if only I can convince them that these skills can be used on chores at home.
Lowe's Build Grow _ Indy's Child
The son of our Digital Editor at CincinnatiParent.com completes his first Lowe’s Build and Grow Clinic project!

MORE INFO: Lowe’s Build & Grow classes are offered most weekends (though some take place during weekday evenings). All classes are free; to register, simply visit the Build and Grow Clinic webpage, choose your nearest store and reserve your spot! Special thanks to IC Insider Jeanine for supplying our main image for this post of the two children 


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