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Lives lost and milestones missed. The past 12 months in a pandemic have given us heartbreaking ways to measure time, so I set off to find more positive ways to mark the passing months with our preschooler.

Enter Indy Parks. What better way to measure a year than through parks explored? It’s gratifying to think back to 2020 and remember all the fun we’ve had. A few parks stand out for the joy they brought during a pandemic year.

Our go-to park last year was Garfield Park, where we watched the trees bud and threw rocks in the creek. We registered for monthly take-home activity packets, which gave us a fun way to navigate the winter months.

As spring burst into bloom, we explored Glenns Valley Nature Park, taking walks to watch wildflowers pop up and new birds arrive.

We spent mornings watching the geese at Pogue’s Run Art and Nature Sanctuary. We explored the Riverside Regional Park Adventure Park, which is a fantastic place for kids to practice riding scooters or bikes.

When playgrounds re-opened, we rejoiced to return to Edna Baltz Lacy Park and Hot Shot Tot Lot. The search for spray grounds led us to Christian Park and Bertha Ross Park, and we loved picnic adventures to the Colts Canal Playspace and Tarkington Park.

In March, we participated in our first Maple Syrup Day at Southeastway Park, where I may have learned more than our preschooler.

Now we’re back to spring, and I’m planning our next visit to Scott Starling Nature Sanctuary at Eagle Creek Park, to see the fish and spot new birds. But, if not this year, there’s always next year. As we’ve learned, a lot can change overnight, but our parks are here, helping us mark time in ways I’ll forever cherish. 8

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