Day & Night Cereal Bar Indy

It's a cereal lover's dream at this unique Greenwood location.

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My children could eat cereal for breakfast, lunch and dinner, if I let them. Fortunately, they are happy with the mostly wholesome cereals like Life and Kix. But every once in a while, I’ll return home from the grocery store with a “special” cereal — you know the kind. The kind of cereal that has lots of sugar, bright colors on the box, and let’s be real, is just so much more fun to eat than, say, Cheerios. (Not trying to throw shade, Cheerios — I do love you.) These sugar bombs in a box are a special treat in our house, and my kids get really excited when they see them in the cupboard. So when I told these same children that we’d be visiting Day & Night Cereal Bar Indy — a restaurant that serves nothing but cereal and desserts made from cereal — they were all in.

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Cereal Bar in Indianapolis

Located in the Greenwood Park Mall, Day & Night Cereal Bar offers exotic cereal bowls and shakes made with combinations of cereals. Basically, it’s all cereal, all the time time at Day & Night. 

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Cereal Bowls and Cereal Shakes

Visitors can choose from a menu of fun cereal flavor combinations, such as the Homer Simpson, featuring Honey Nut Cheerios, Hershey’s Kisses cereal and chocolate donut sprinkles; Unicorn Breath, featuring Fruity Lucky Charms, Fruity Pebbles, whipped cream and strawberry drizzle; or Mucha Lucha, featuring Cinnamon Toast Crunch and whipped cream, topped with churro cereal and a buttery cinnamon roll sprinkled on top. You can also BYOB, or Build Your Own Bowl by choosing any two cereals and two toppings. The cereal bowls are served with a container of milk, so you can pour as much as you want over your sugary concoction — they offer whole milk, skim milk, almond milk and oat milk.

You can get these same flavor combinations in a shake, which you can customize to your liking, if you wish. My family all chose to get shakes the last time we visited Day and Night, and they were delicious. We opted for two Unicorn Breath shakes, one Strawberry Shortcake shake and one Liquid Gold. We all agreed that our shakes tasted like drinking rich, thick cereal milk (in the best way), with the added bonus of crunch from the cereal toppings, whipped cream and other goodies on top.


Fun Facts About Day & Night Cereal Bar

  • Day & Night Cereal Bar got its start as a food truck in Los Angeles in 2020. The company branched out to Greenwood, Indiana, in February 2021. These two locations are the only Day and Night Cereal Bars in the country!
  • The BYOB (Build Your Own Bowl) lets you choose from several exotic cereals from around the world. 
  • There is plenty of seating inside the restaurant, or you can take your shake or bowl to enjoy while you walk around the mall.

Day & Night Cereal Bar Location and Hours

Day & Night Cereal Bar is located inside the Greenwood Park Mall, near TGI Fridays and The Cheesecake Factory. The address is 1251 US-31, Greenwood. 

Hours are Sunday-Thursday, 11 am-7 pm, and Friday-Saturday 10 am-9 pm. For more info, visit the Day & Night Cereal Bar Facebook page

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