This summer, the five of us did lots of traveling visiting family. One weekend, we were visiting some of my wife’s family in Michigan.

Somehow my daughter got it into her head that all the girls (my daughter, her mom, second cousin and great aunt) needed to have a Girl Scout night. It started off as one of my daughter’s goofy ideas, but eventually all four girls got into this one. What started off as a simple suggestion quickly turned into a full-blown night of activities.

First there were the Girl Scout vests and badges. It’s amazing how having little circles cut out of paper plates, pinned on old t-shirts and a set of markers can quickly turn a group of girls into a fully uniformed girl scout troop.

For several hours my daughter was rattling off all the ideas she wanted to do with the scouts. It would have taken days to get through it all, so I suggested she come up with an agenda for the meeting. I had a great time helping her come up with the agenda.

Here’s what we came up with:

1. Password

2. Pledge

3. Glasses

4. Story

5. Darkwheels

After setting up the tent in the yard, the meeting began.

Like any good meeting there were refreshments. Snacks, gatorade, and I’m guessing a gin and tonic or two for the grown ups. Not sure about how the “actual” girl scouts would feel about that one.

As far as the agenda was concerned, apparently the password was created to keep boys of out of the meeting. No objection from me. The pledge was created by all the girls, and coincidentally much like the actual Girl Scout pledge when we Googled it the next morning. Next, the glow in the dark glasses were handed out so they could all better read the story. The story ended up being an hour of flipping through American Girl magazines. Finally the last and most popular item in the agenda, darkwheels. What is a darkwheel you might ask? It’s exactly what you think it would be, cartwheels in the dark. You better believe I was craning my neck looking out the window at this portion of the meeting. It was as hilarious as you could imagine. Thankfully no one got hurt.

Finally before the meeting could be dismissed, and before my daughter’s night ended, she convinced her cousin to watch a movie on a laptop and have a sleepover in the tent with her. In my daughter’s eyes, the perfect end to a perfect evening.


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