Coaches Corner: Welcome!

To all the super moms out there! This column is for you!

What does that mean? 

Well … here’s a quick test to see if you are a super mom:

  1. Do you order groceries while on a zoom call?
  2. Have you had a conference call while waiting in line to pick up your kids?
  3. Does wearing mascara make it a big day?
  4. Have you dropped your kids off in your pajama pants?
  5. Do any of your work papers have dried cereal on them?

You get the idea! If you answered yes to over half of these, you are a SUPER mom! 

I get it. I would make my kids lunches because I at least told myself I knew what they were eating. Yes, all 5 lunches: 4 boys and 1 girl. And, of course they all liked different types of sandwiches. Hummus on one, not the other. Gluten free bread on one, not the other. Chunky peanut butter for two, creamy for three. Then, getting them up, out the door was a full court press!


I’m pretty sure I got my workout chasing the bus down the street, yelling, “Please wait! They forgot their soccer cleats!”

Then it started again around 5:30 p.m. The tag team of who’s getting whom, and who’s at practice.

“Mom, I’m starving! What’s for dinner?” were the magic words on the way home. Well, let’s brainstorm it now!

And so, it goes. We learn to juggle millions of little and critical details throughout the week. Anything from when the chemistry quiz is, to who asked you to the dance. Oh, and making sure all the uniforms were clean and out of the gym bag! NOTE: Moms with boys, be sure to do this daily!

Now, as my children are out of the house, and I’m in the empty nester days, my career keeps growing and evolving. From small family-owned businesses to Fortune 100 companies to owning a company, I wanted to start this column for working moms, inside the house as well as outside! For comic relief, advice, ideas and support from fellow supermoms.  

We want your questions, comments, and input! For those of you brave enough, send us your questions and we’ll do a Q&A column monthly! You can remain anonymous! Everything from staying positive grounding your kids, mindfulness, working out in a short time, how to beat burn out, career advice and more.

Ask away! Let’s start this journey together and know that regardless of whether your cape is ironed, you deserve to wear it! You are a supermom! Submit your questions to [email protected].

Coach Ellyn

About Coach Ellyn

Ellyn is a principal consultant at CAI and CVO of Team Summit, a national leader in creating customized high-performance teambuilding, leadership development curriculum and executive coaching programs. In addition, Team Summit works organizationally by reinventing cultures and creating employee engagement at a variety of levels. As President and CVO of her company, Ellyn creates powerful programs that catapult leaders to the next peak of leadership and executive reinvention with clients globally.

She joined CAI as a Principal Consultant in Human Performance in the summer of 2021. She works with companies in human performance, operation readiness and excellence, cultural reinvention, employee engagement. She specializes in transitional leadership with mergers, acquisitions, and new product launches. Ellyn speaks, trains, coaches, and facilitates on the national and international level with companies and in a variety of meeting settings from regional to national and international summits. She has authored a book, “Are you sleepwalking through your life?” Ellyn offers workshops on creating the life you want. As a facilitator, Ellyn brings her strong marketing and communications skills to any business challenge and tackles it with enthusiasm. She quickly reads and tailors her message to any audience in a unique, empowering, and creative way. She facilitates change leadership and specializes in mergers, acquisitions and creating empowering cultures.

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