Visit Christmas Nights of Lights in Indianapolis through January 1

Are you feeling merry yet?

The holiday season is coming, and in case you need a little Christmas cheer, you will find a ho-ho-humongous amount of it at the Indiana State Fairgrounds with Christmas Nights of Lights, the biggest light show ever built in Indianapolis. Prepare to be dazzled as you drive through an over 2mile route that’s full of colorful light displays set to holiday music, a 300-foot tunnel, 240-foot wall of lights and more merriment, all from the comfort of your own vehicle, November 8 – January 1.

Whether you’re visiting Christmas Nights of Lights with a carful of kids, got grandma and grandpa in tow, or making it a holiday date night, here are some pro tips to help make your experience extra merry.

Know When to Go

To avoid the crowds, plan your visit on a weekday. Mondays and Wednesdays are especially great for experiencing shorter wait times. If the weekend is more your thingmake a night of it and plan to have dinner first, and then stop by around 9 pm when the crowds will have slowed. Christmas Nights of Lights is open until 10 pm daily. It is also open rain, shine or snow, so no matter the weather, the show will go on! 

Bring the Whole Fam

Christmas Nights of Lights is the perfect holiday activity for the entire family because there is no walking, and you never need to get out of your car. So, bring mamaw and papaw, your newborn baby and even the family dog — everyone is welcome. Tickets are $7 per person, and children under 3 years of age are free. Or if you’re bringing a big group in one vehicle, opt for the carload special for $30 for up to 9 peopleJust be aware that there is a vehicle height restriction of 11 feet. 

Buy Your Tickets at the Gate

Last-minute planners, rejoice! You can only purchase tickets for Christmas Nights of Lights at the gate (major credit cards and cash accepted), so there is no need to pre-purchase tickets beforehand. 

Plan for Potty Stops and Grumbly Tummies in Advance 

One thing that you WILL want to plan ahead for is a restroom visit before you visit Christmas Nights of Lights. The 2.5-mile scene will take approximately 25 to 30 minutes to experience, and there are no pit stops along the way. Portable toilets are located at the entrance to the show, so visitors with young kids will want to make sure to visit those before getting in line.

It’s also a smart idea to pack some snacks and drinks for the ride. Nothing puts a damper in the holiday spirit like a “hangry” attitude! 

Turn On Your Radio, Turn Off Your Headlights

To really immerse your yourself in the magic, set your radio dial to Christmas Nights of Lights’ radio station. They will let you know the station numbers at check-in. The station plays new and classic Christmas tunes, and all of the light displays are synchronized to the music.

And to preserve the magic for everyone else, turn off your headlights at check-in and keep them off throughout your visit. Trust us: You — and everyone else — will be able to see the light show much better this way! 

Put Your Observational Skills to Work

Make a game of your visit and try to find the eight elves that are hiding throughout Christmas Nights of Lights. Look carefully — those elves can be sneaky! 

Stay Informed

Check out the Christmas Nights of Lights Facebook page to stay up-to-date with special charity events that will happen throughout the season, including a toy drive, Salvation Army donation drives, Pack the Pantry events and much more. 

Christmas Nights of Lights is located at the Indiana State Fairgrounds from November 8 – January 1, dusk until 10 pm, with extended hours on weekendsFor more information, visit their website.

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