The Chocolate Slide

“Life is short, eat dessert first.”


Not only are these wise words true at the dinner table, also be sure to follow this advice the next time you go to The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis. From Feb. 4until April 23, the atrium at The Children’s Museum is transformed into a Willy Wonka inspired chocolate wonderland, including a 47 foot “chocolate river” slide.

Chocolate Slide at The Children's Museum
View from the top.

My four-year-old daughter (The Blonde Bomber) and I visited The Children’s Museum this week, and decided to make the slide the first stop of our adventure.

Chocolate Slide at The Children's Museum
Ready for takeoff!

After our successful trips (we went down the slide several times), Blonde Bomber posed for her picture in the Chocolate Photo booth.

Chocolate Slide at The Children's Museum
She’s obviously having a terrible time at the museum.

After our repeated adventures down the slide, we made our way to the Chocolate Cafe. The Chocolate Cafe is a great place to derail whatever is left of your New Year’s Resolutions.

Chocolate Slide at The Children's Museum
So many delicious chocolate choices.

There were so many wonderful sounding chocolate dessert choices, how would Blonde Bomber ever decide which one to get?

Chocolate Slide at The Children's Museum

In true Blonde Bomber fashion, she chose a lollipop. A completely non-chocolate treat.

Other than not ordering chocolate at the chocolate cafe, our day was a total success.

The chocolate slide at the Children’s Museum is a great addition for those of you already missing the Yule Slide from Christmas. It’s also a great way to get your kids to leave the museum when you are ready to go. A bribe with a treat from the Chocolate Cafe doesn’t hurt either.

See you at the Museum.




MORE INFO: The Chocolate Slide will be on display at the Children’s Museum of Indianapolis until April 23, 2017. Both the Slide and Cafe are located in or adjacent to the Sunburst Atrium. Children and adults are permitted to slide: Children under 37″ are able to ride on an adult’s lap. Exhibit is free with Museum admission. The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis is located at 3000 N. Meridian Street. Call {317} 334-4000 or visit the website for details.

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