The Children’s Garden at Coxhall Gardens

There’s really only one word to describe the Children’s Garden at Coxhall Gardens: magical. Actually, there are two more words: hidden gem. This beautiful park, located on the west side of Carmel, is a magical hidden gem, and it’s the perfect place to visit if you’re looking for a more analog park experience for kids.


The Children’s Garden is a perfect space for open-ended play and imaginative games, because there is almost no playground equipment, with the exception of a tunnel slide. Instead, there are kid-sized tunnels build into small hills, bridges, play houses, gardens, sand pits, rocks to climb and rainbow paths to run around. It’s a great place for make-believe games, tag with friends or siblings, or flying a kite. There are lots of wide-open spaces and lots of grass, which makes this an excellent park for picnics, too.


During the spring and summer months, you’ll find lots of flowers and plants in the raised bed gardens that are located throughout the Children’s Garden. You will also find an outdoor classroom in the Children’s Garden, which is circled by a pollinator garden. The plants in the Butterfly Garden were chosen for their ability to attract pollinating insects, such as butterflies and honey bees. The outdoor classroom is a public, open-air shelter that provides a space for nature education programming in an outdoor environment.

Far off from the Children’s Garden is a 90-foot twin bell tower that chimes at the hour. It’s nice to be at the garden at noon when the tower plays favorite songs, like Somewhere Over the Rainbow!

In May 2021, the Clay Township Children’s  Pavilion was added to the Children’s Garden. The unique facility includes twin shelters that are joined by a pergola-covered walkway and features a fireplace-styled outdoor grill. The addition of a large pavilion to this existing park will allow for child-friendly activities and support various children’s programs.

The Children’s Garden at Coxhall Gardens is located at 11677 Towne Road in Carmel. It is open from dawn to dusk, seven days a week. For more info, visit

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