Children and Learning

All children love to learn. It is a natural behavior. What is not natural is to expect them all to learn the same thing at the same time. Unfortunately, the “sameness” concept is the foundation for standardized testing and Common Core type standards.

Additionally, there could be as much as a year’s difference in age of children within the same grade. Potential depends on when one was born, how they are nurtured in the early years, and where they began school. The age difference and the natural differences in children generate as many different educational potentials as there are children.

At j&R Tutoring Academy of Indiana we strive to help those children who are having trouble learning. We understand that not all children learn the same way, nor do they learn the same things at the same time.

Yet our public schools try to categorize, identify, sort, and grade based solely on a birthdate!

And we wonder why both students and teachers are frustrated!

j&R Tutoring Academy offers much more than subject matter tutoring, we are also Learning Specialists. We look beyond the subject matter challenges and work to discover why these challenges exist.

Is there a learning disability? Did the student fail to learn a fundamental element that is now impacting more complex skills? Perhaps they just had an easier time learning math than reading!

No two of our students are on the same path. Each one has their own instructional course. We are locally owned and operated. All our instructors have Masters degrees and classroom experience. We are here to help your child!

Call 317-601-4182 or email [email protected] to see if we can help your child succeed!

About j&R Tutoring: j&R Tutoring Academy of Indiana specializes in early childhood education. We offer reading and math tutoring for pre-kindergarten through 6th grade students.The key to teaching is the ability to identify each child’s strengths and weaknesses. j&R Tutoring Academy creates a program that builds upon the strengths and corrects the weaknesses.
What We Offer
• Pre-K through Grade 6
• One-to-one instruction
• Internationally known curriculum
• Indiana licensed instructors
• Affordable rates
• Daily assessments; monthly reports; re-testing every 90 days
• 45 minute sessions – twice weekly
j&R Tutoring Academy of Indiana
13255 Britton Park Road, Fishers, IN 46038
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