Changed Forever

When my youngest daughter was born, the course of my life changed forever. No longer was I a middle school teacher, nor a coach. I was just, “Dad.”

Man, did I like the sound of that.

The bond I formed with my youngest daughter when I first became a stay-at-home dad was solid as a rock, and it continues to be to this day. We were together morning, noon, and night (and many midnights and in wee hours of the morning too).

We’d spend our days running errands together while big bro and big sis were at school. We always made sure our stops included the bank, mom’s office, and Trader Joe’s…all places that gave out lollipops.

We also spent many afternoons not doing anything in particular, except soaking up the sunshine, staring at the clouds and sharing graham crackers, the wet ones kids offer up after they’ve had them in their mouths for a few seconds.

Many of our big adventures took place with our entire family, but somehow, my youngest daughter and I both managed some time together on these trips.

A recent outing started with her binging on cotton candy during the NCAA tournament basketball games, then having a sugar crash and napping on my lap during the second half.


Our adventures weren’t all fun and games though. I remember some particularly rough mornings on vacation in hotels, where I would take her down to the lobby so she could throw her tantrums and not wake up the rest of our family, or all the other people staying on the same floor as us.

Even though the lows are low, the highs sure are high. As long as I live, I’ll never forget the two of us walking a mile and a half through the streets of Paris because “someone” chugged a Fanta and had too much of a stomach ache to get back on the sightseeing bus with mom and her siblings. The landmark we followed back to our rental apartment was the Eiffel Tower. As the two of us walked together, we made up fairy tales and traded our make believe stories with one another. The entire time watching the Eiffel Tower appear larger and larger as we got closer to our destination. Once we were near our apartment, we decided to celebrate our successful walk with a selfie; the result was one of my favorite pictures ever.

As a dad, I’m thankful for the years I spent home full-time with my baby girl. She’s been a real game changer. Literally.


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