Castles in the Sand

I never would have thought building sand castles would be such an educational experience for my kids. Here’s five things we learned on our trip to the beach this morning.

1. We had the brick molds for making castle walls. The first time we built it, the kids made the walls too far apart so the next row of bricks on top colllapsed. My daughter decided to start over and build the walls next to each other.

2. Water was needed to make the sand stick together.

3. Digging a moat. They were able to dig a path around the castle and watch the water circle their creation.

4. Using sticks and rocks to create a small bridge across the moat.

5. Most importantly my kids learned patience, because just as they were about to finish the castle their baby sister stomped all over it doing her best impression of Godzilla taking over Tokyo.

Loving summer!


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