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Carmel Reopens Two New Playgrounds & They Are Absolutely Amazing!

Two of Carmel Park & Recreation’s parks reopened this week with brand new designs as part of Carmel Clay Parks and Recreation’s (CCPR) Reimagining Parks initiative. The revamped West Park and River Heritage Park were built with the goal of updating and enhancing existing parks by making them more accessible, safer, and available year-round. 

West Park

2700 W 116th St, Carmel

West Park, one of the largest parks in Carmel, is now partially open for the public to enjoy. Parkgoers can explore West Park’s new features, with exception of the splash pad, which operates seasonally. Portions of the park with freshly seeded prairie or turf are also cordoned off to protect these areas until they’re established.

The whimsical new playground equipment takes play to new heights—literally. A towering clock structure and more await!

Visitors to the playground will also find separate playgrounds for young children and older children, swings, a merry-go-round, musical instruments and lots more.

River Heritage Park

11813 River Road, Carmel

River Heritage Park’s new playground has two main sections: the front pod, which is located at the entrance of the park, and the back trail, which winds through the wooded areas extending toward the White River.

In 2001, River Heritage Park’s accessible playground was dedicated as “Everybody’s Playground.” When the park was reimagined in 2022, inclusion remained a top priority, and providing access to the community’s most significant natural resource: the White River.

Other Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation’s (CCPR) Reimagining Playgrounds

Carey Grove Park

Reopened Winter 2021

The playground at Carey Grove is divided into two sections: one side for young children up to age 5, and the other side for kids ages 5 through 12. In both playgrounds, kids can find a variety of playground features, including slides, swings and lots of opportunities to climb. The entire playground has a rubber surface under foot to help ensure safety. The playground has been modernized and looks very unique. One of the first features you see as you step onto the playground is a giant orb-looking merry-go-round!

Carey Grove Park

Lawrence W. Inlow Park

Reopened Summer 2022

Lawrence W. Inlow Park is sectioned into three separate playgrounds, each with fun and different things to enjoy, including embarkment swings, ground-level ropes courses, multiple slides and monkey bars to swing on. The playground is covered with artificial turf and rubberized safety surface, to help everyone stay nice and safe.

Meadowlark Park

Reopened Summer 2022

The new playground at Meadowlark Park features three big play structures for kids of all ages to enjoy. The structure for big kids includes geometric domes that kids can climb up to and through, and metal slides that send you back to the ground. There’s also a play structure for climbers and parkour enthusiasts that features bridges to cross, monkey bars to swing from and other obstacles. The play structure for babies and young kids also invites tiny tots to climb, slide and explore, but everything is scales smaller for the youngest adventurers.



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