Camp Fair Activity/Performance Form

Below are a few guidelines and things to keep in mind when planning your activities and performance.

Planning for your activity or performance

-Activities should be easy to explain, and able to be completed in under 18 minutes
-Setup and teardown should take about 2-minutes each. While cleaning up, please expect the next camp to begin there set up.
-There will be 2 activities going on in the second gym at a time. Expect to have about 1/2 a basketball court for your activity. The two activity areas will be clearly marked, and there will be additional space where parents can watch.
-We will do our best to only schedule one performance in the gym at a time to limit distractions.

Things to keep in mind

-The extra activities will take place in a second gym. Please make sure to think about staffing your camp fair booth while your activity is going on.
-All activities will be free, but Indy’s Child will be making a set amount of tickets for each activity. Tickets can be claimed at the front Indy’s Child Table, in the activity zone, and from your booth. We will print about 25% more tickets than your target audience size. The tickets will also serve as a reminder to the attendees about the activities they sign up for.

-There will be several large posters throughout Park Tudor with the event schedule and ticket information.



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