Butterfly Kaleidoscope is back and better than ever!

After much anticipation, the Butterfly Kaleidoscope exhibit is back and better than ever!  I had the privilege of taking a private tour before it opened! This year it will feature 40 different species of butterflies, 30 of them are brand new to the exhibit and for the first time, there will 2 species of moths! While the exhibits team was putting just a few finishing touches before opening I was able to get the full experience of watching and learning about these insects!

In the middle of the conservatory, be sure to make a stop at the butterflies in their chrysalis stage. This is where the, then caterpillars have wrapped themselves up in their cocoon and are growing into a butterfly! If you have some time, stay and watch them for a few minutes as you could see one of them break and emerge from the cocoon and hang out for a little bit while letting their wings dry before they are able to fly!

While absorbing all the bright, bold and beautiful colors in the conservatory from the butterflies to all of the blooming and large plants be sure to appreciate how lovely and serene the butterflies are. They  move quick, but if you are able to find a keeper that could latch one on their fingers you can get an even closer view of all the intricate colors on both sides of their wings.

This is a one-of-a- kind exhibit that young ones to grandparents need to see. And in the next few weeks or so the 500 butterflies that were fluttering around yesterday will turn into around 1,500!

This exhibit is open until September 10th during normal zoo hours, so make sure to make your way over at least once!



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