Bring on the Babies!

Baby bumps, baby advice, baby names – this month in Indy’s Child it’s all baby talk. If you’re pregnant or a new parent, you probably can’t get enough on the subject, and neither can we!
On our cover this issue is baby Brielle – maybe you recognize her famous dad, Colts player Robert Mathis? Check out our interview on page 16 to see how Robert manages his crew of four kids (including 3 year old twins) and why he calls his wife Brandi the MVP of their household!
Speaking of twins, what’s more adorable than babies that arrive in bundles? Although it might be natural to think of multiples as a “package deal,” our article “Twindividuals” talks about how to make sure your twins, triplets or quadruplets develop a unique identity all their own. (As a mom of twins myself, this is something that has been on my radar!)
Some babies decide to come a little earlier than expected, or have concerning health issues at birth, and their first days may be spent in the newborn intensive care unit rather than the crib waiting for them at home. For parents going through this challenge, the worry they feel can be overwhelming. What to Do When Your Baby is in the NICU gives some suggestions for coping with this difficult period – with the best tips coming from our readers who have been there.
Are you a mom who got pregnant easily (maybe even accidentally) your first time around but are having problems becoming pregnant again? While this situation can be puzzling and frustrating, it’s much more common than you might realize. In our article Secondary Infertility two moms share their stories of how this experience affected them.
Also, just for fun we’ve included a list of the Top Ten Baby Names in 2014. (Spoiler alert: You may be meeting quite a few Sophias and Jacksons at the playground!)
We hope you enjoy our special Baby and Maternity Issue this month. Our staff has “labored” hard to “deliver” you with a bundle of information we hope you find helpful!

Susan Bryant
P.S. Although there may still be snow on the ground, it’s actually time to start thinking about summer camp! Check out our Camp Directory for a list of day camps, sleep away camps and other fun experiences your kids can look forward to in just a few short months.

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