Bloomington’s WonderLab Museum Opens Science Sprouts Place

Bloomington’s WonderLab recently opened a new exhibit area called Science Sprouts Place designed especially for infants and toddlers.

This area supports learning, exploration, and growth for infants and toddlers. When we visited the museum, caregivers and little ones alike were happily enjoying the new exhibit!

Science Sprouts Place consists of two main areas, Baby Wonders and Toddler Trails, as well as an adjacent area, Sprouts Lab, for wet and messy experiments. There is also a quiet area with an option for privacy that can be used for stories, quiet time to calm a child or for nursing mothers who prefer a more secluded space.

wonderlab sprouts 3
wonderlab sprouts 2

“The first few years of life are a truly unique time for learning,” said Emmy Brockman, Education Director at WonderLab, “From language to walking, every moment brings new development. People and environments play a big role in a young child’s healthy development, and WonderLab is so excited to be able to offer new early learning support to our community!”

“Kids birth through age four are learning through sensory motor form,” said Brockman. “The things that really matter to them are things that they can touch, taste, feel and smell. And a lot of times exploring those things means getting messy. We’re super excited to offer kids an opportunity for sensory play in a space like Sprouts Lab where parents and kids both know that it’s safe to make a mess.” The early childhood themes at WonderLab will change monthly; these will be reflected in Science Sprouts, a program from children birth through age 3; and Discovery Time, a program for children ages 4-6; and now in Sprouts Lab.

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