Being a Dad

This month I asked some other dads to contribute their own stories, give advice or just share whatever was on their mind on my blog.

This guest post comes from the Scott Wise owner and CEO of Scotty’s Brewhouse, Scotty’s Lakehouse, Thr3e Wise Men Brewing Co., and Scotty’s Burger Joint.

I can’t believe over 10 years ago I didn’t know if I would have kids. I actually didn’t even know if I wanted to have kids. I kept hearing people say, “your sisters are about ready to lap you in the baby department” or this was a comment I always hated, “you just don’t know what you are missing out on…”

And, you know what? They were right. But, timing is everything in life and I’m glad that I was able to get a career started, work on a strong relationship and foundation with my wife and got to do many things without having a schedule of soccer practice, gymnastics, bottle feedings, 2 am crying (and 4 am and 6 am and…) Because now I can truly appreciate what the good Lord has blessed us with… 4 of the most beautiful people on the planet. And, they were right. I didn’t know what I was missing out on until I had them. And, none of that other stuff is even important anymore. In fact, 2 am and 3 am and 4 am bottle feedings and dirty diapers weren’t a bad thing… in fact, I miss it a little. Only a little.

I think the feeling of fatherhood is something you can’t really describe to people. To try to put that kind of love into words is close to impossible.

It’s funny because I thought we would have 2 kids and be done. Golden Retriever, swing set, American Flag, 1.5 kids… check, check, check…. all American family. Then God surprised us with a 2 for 1 offer with babies number 2 and 3. Yes, a set of twins. Do you know what going from 1 child to 3, all under the age of 2 does to a person with Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder, is a neat freak and hates clutter and disorganization? Well, let me tell you, it almost breaks you of those habits and actually makes you so crazy and sleep deprived that you opt for a 4th child by CHOICE! And, that little 6 month old angel is one of the 3 best decisions of my life. Chaos is just now the new norm. And, of course, having an incredible rock and foundation in a wife that I like to call “the baby whisperer.” The woman may have read every book every printed about pregnancy, child birth and of course, “How To Get Your Kids To Sleep Through The Night.” And, I gotta’ tell you – she did just that… within 6 weeks they all slept 7 pm – 7 am… and still do.

My favorite part about being an entrepreneur is being able to go to a Halloween Parade at school at 9 am and then go have lunch with my son in Kindergarten at 11 am and not have to worry about asking off for work. I always remembered my dad growing up was at home when I got off the bus. He went to work in the morning at 4 am so he could be “all time quarterback” for our daily neighborhood football game. He was the dad that all my friends looked up to as “one of the guys.” And, I hope someday to be 1/2 the man that my father was for me with his love, support and long passes on the football field.

Speaking of which, I gotta’ run… my kids are waiting for me to play a wicked game of Hide & Seek right now and chocolate chip cookies… I like to sugar them up before bed so my wife can yell at me J. Cheers!

Scotty Wise

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