Autobots and Decepticons!

“Autobots, roll out!”


Thirty years ago that iconic phrase made its way into our world. The Autobots and Decepticons left their home planet of Cybertron and crashed landed here on Earth. Now, the world’s largest children’s museum is bringing them right to your door.


The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis is excited to present its newest exhibit, Transformers! Robots in Disguise which debuts March 7, 2015. Join us as we celebrate 30 years of Hasbros’ famous robots. Parents and children alike can enjoy the history of the series from the first generation, beginning in 1984, all the way to the newest generation of the heroic Autobots and nefarious Decepticons.


Choose your side – Autobot or Decepticon – and enter into their world. The exhibit will let you experience firsthand the exciting world of Transformers. Children can design their own Transformer or race to see how fast they can convert the robots to their “alt mode.”  You can witness 30 years of Transformers as we play clips from past shows and commercials and see rare collectibles including many of the original toys. Your children will also have an opportunity to help Bumblebee get a message to his team using our command table. Issue an order and pick our “what Bumblebee will say” by mixing clips from different songs.


In addition to the many fun activities you and your children can experience in the new exhibit, there is, of course, a great opportunity for learning as well. Have you ever wondered what goes into making a Transformer? This is your opportunity to find out. The exhibit will feature an inside look at the Hasbro designers and the process they use to design these iconic machines. You can attend several of our programs created to teach children about the wonders of robotics.


Finally, top of your visit at the biggest and best children’s museum by checking out the surprise Transformer hiding in our very own garage. Transformers fans of all ages will find something to enjoy and share in the memories of some of the most iconic characters of all time.


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