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Asa Bales Park

My kids and I are starting to think of Westfield as a playground destination because there are just so many amazing playgrounds in this city in Hamilton County. One of the most recent playgrounds we discovered: Asa Bales Park, a 13-acre park located off Hoover Street in Westfield, near the Westfield Public Library.


The playground at Asa Bales Park got a little facelift two years ago, and the new playground was designed with the help of Westfield Middle School students. Now, the playground is a wonderful place to play for all ages and abilities.

The playground includes a huge structure with many opportunities for climbing, including net ladders, ring climbers, ropes and parallel bars galore, as well as a boulder climbing structure.  This playground is climbing-lover’s dream playground!


The playground was built with kids of all abilities in mind. This is evident in the variety of swings available, as well as other fun equipment that allows kids to have fun no matter their age or ability. The ground of the play area has AstroTurf all around, so kids have a soft place to land if they fall.


The playground is enough reason to visit Asa Bales Park. But you’ll also find a skate park right next to the playground, as well as a frolf course (Frisbee golf). Plus, there is an asphalt-paved trail that goes through the park that connects to downtown Wesfield and Grand Junction Trail on the south end of the park, with Thompson Canal running through the park from north to south. Picnic shelters, a natural amphitheater and historical markers round out the park, and make Asa Bales Park a nice place for families to visit!

Asa Bales Park is located at 205 W. Hoover Street in Westfield. It’s open from sunrise to sunset.



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