Aqua-Tots: More than Lessons

When you send your child to swim lessons, you are investing three things: time, money, and (most of all) trust. You can’t just hope to find a place that is worthy of all three. When you make a final decision, you need the place to be worthy of all three. Aqua-Tots is a place worthy of said investment.

There’s a lot to like about Aqua-Tots

There’s a lot to like about Aqua-Tots. It would be a mistake to gloss over the friendly reception you get once you walk in the door. The instructors and staff members greet students and parents alike. They know the kids by name and are not shy about conversing with them. It is a very welcoming environment.

So what makes Aqua-Tots worthy of an investment?


All the skills that your child is working to achieve are displayed on a laminated sheet. As they progress through different skills, they get stars and, eventually, checks to offer a visual of achievement. When students arrive for their first lesson, they are given an individual test of skills to properly assess the level in which they should begin.

What parents, and kids, will appreciate is that the goals for students are simple to follow. Instructors are meticulous in demonstrating proper form, and since the skill sheets are laminated, students can track their progress while still in the pool.

There is seating available around the entire pool area (which is visible, but located behind a clear glass wall) so parents can watch from any vantage point. In addition to the seating for parents, there is a small play area with toys for siblings.

The lessons last 30 minutes and because class sizes are maxed out at 4 per instructor there is ample opportunity for students to get instruction and repetition in the water. Another cool aspect of the lessons is that Aqua-Tots intentionally rotates instructors. So the instructor you have for lesson two will most likely be different than the instructor you had for lesson one. There are several benefits to this as your child gets instruction from multiple teachers and, in turn, they all get to know your child.

When lessons are complete, parents meet their child and the instructor at the door (with a towel). The instructors give a brief recap of what they worked on during the lesson, progress of the student, and things they still need to work on in the coming lessons. If your child has progressed far enough to move levels, the instructor announces it to the “graduation” to the entire waiting area. It is a fun mini-celebration of your child’s success.

One of the hardest parts of year round lessons, especially in the winter months, is dressing for the cold weather. The changing facilities are large enough for a small family if you have multiple children taking lessons or siblings coming to watch. There are also hair dryers, cotton swabs for ears, and hair ties. There are also two machines in which you can put a wet swimsuit and wring out most of the water, so you don’t have a sopping wet suit in a bag driving home. There are also showers and bathrooms available if needed.

And each trip to Aqua-Tots ends with a trip to the treasure chest – where the suckers are kept. What better way to end a class than with a treat?

If you are interested in checking out Aqua-Tots for your family, they can be found worldwide. The Indy location and contact details are as follows: 4825 E. 96thStreet, Indianapolis, IN. 46240 (this is on 96th street between Keystone and Allisonville Rd.). Call for details at 317-559-3210 or email at mailto:[email protected].

Disclosure: My son received comped lessons for the purpose of reviewing the company. My thoughts and words are my own. Please consult the Aqua-Tots website for any details.

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