…And One To Grow On

Remember birthday spankings as a kid? Your mom or dad would track you down at some point on your birthday and spank your butt the same number of times as you were old. And of course we can’t forget about the +1 of birthday spankings, the “one to grow on” that followed the number. If you were unlucky you also had an older brother that took delight in making sure he got his turn too. What in the world ever happened to that? It seemed like every one I knew, at every birthday party I ever went to (up through probably the 6th or 7th grade) was spanked on their birthday.

Does anyone’s family do this anymore? Is it no longer ok to spank your child, even as a fun birthday gag? It always seemed like harmless fun more than anything, oh sure maybe it was a bit humiliating, but harmless nonetheless. Maybe parents are afraid of someone accusing them of abuse. I really have no idea.

I say we BRING BACK THE BIRTHDAY SPANKINGS, but how about your family tries it first, then you let me know how it goes…


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