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Adventure Awaits at Southeastway Park

Tucked away on the southeast corner of Indianapolis is the 188-acre, breath-taking SoutheastwayPark, where you can find four miles of trail that will send you on a journey through the forests of this environmental education park. Don’t forget to look for the iconic Elbow Tree.

Not only is the park where you want to be, but the all-star staff connects explorers of all ages to the environment. With 80 acres of forest, Southeastway Park gives the most beautiful fall views,  which are perfect for hayrides.

Southeastway Park is also home to the celebration of all things insects: Bug Fest! On August 28from 1-5 p.m., Southeastway Park will host its 28th Annual Bug Fest. Each year, swarms of people venture to the park to earn their Honorary Doctorate of Bugologyand experience bugs up-close and personal. There are lots of stations to choose from, including the butterfly tent, Bugs Up Close, Ask an Entomologist, Insect Safari, Critter Crafts, and a cricket cafe—yes, you can eat bugs! Explore 10 or more stations and receive your Honorary Degree of Bugology.

The Bug Bazaar, which is making its debut this year, will feature several local artists with bug and nature-related art for sale. Food trucks and concessions will also be available.

In the winter, don’t forget to check out Southeastway Park as staff taps nearly 70 trees and invites the community to learn about the process of making maple syrup—from tapping trees to collecting sap to syrup making history to how maple syrup is made at the park. Then, receive a tasty treat. In previous seasons, park staff has made close to 30 gallons of syrup, which equates to nearly 600 bottles!

Southeastway Park is where your next adventure awaits!

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