A Trip to Grandma’s House

There’s nothing quite so relaxing as a trip to grandma and grandpa’s house.

EXCEPT when that trip includes…

1. A mechanical problem with our SUV right before getting on the road. A sudden change of plans meant we would be taking my wife’s car; squeezing three kids, two grown-ups, and a sixty pound dog, along with our luggage into it.

2. My son finding a kids sing along CD in the car. The last thirty minutes of the drive was all of us singing Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious and many other, “Greatest Hits.”

3. Our seven-year-old not bringing or wearing any shoes. Her nearest pair of shoes were at home, two hours away. On our first morning there, my daughter (wearing a pair of seven sizes too big shoes that belong to her grandma) and wife went Wal-mart, of course, to get some new shoes.

4. Three trips to the dentist, and being the only person in the family to have a cavity.

5. Paddle boating with three kids and having our dog swim out to the boat and try to get on it.

6. Attempting to fish with my kids. We all had kid poles, including me, After spending the first thirty minutes untying their knotted lines, and getting them untangled from rocks I decided I would show them how it’s done. I somehow managed to hook myself in the back of my shirt (twice) while casting my line.

Ah yes, fun and relaxing times with grandma and grandpa.


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