A New Dad’s Perspective

There are many emotions that come along with being a new parent but the one that sticks out the most for me is: surprise. Every minute, every day, there is a new surprise – you are surprised, shocked and in awe of your wife or partner at the incredible strength and perseverance it takes in order to give life to a person. Then you are surprised at how in the world a pile a cells the size of a half grain of rice can turn into a human boom box with its volume set on 11 and only gets one station- screaming. Then you’re surprised at how great that station is no matter what the neighbors might think. Then you are surprised at how something that is 1/100th your size can look so much like you! Then you are surprised at how little sleep you actually need, how much a little smile can warm your heart and then literally the next second how much a bawling infant can break your heart. You are surprised at how much this little person reminds you of that one college roommate who stays up all night, makes all sorts of noise and occasionally, after a rough night, vomits wherever he pleases. Then you are surprised at how much you miss him the moment he is out of your sight. But most of all you are surprised at how much you can love another person- instantly! I wouldn’t trade this time in my life for anything. No matter how much research you have done and how prepared you think you are – surprise! – you have no idea what awaits you and how great it is!

New Dad,

Kelly Bedore

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