A Christmas Carol at the Indiana Repertory Theatre

There is something about attending a production at the Indiana Repertory Theatre (IRT) that makes me feel like I have traveled back in time. From seeing the brightly lit marquee – to stepping inside the elegant, beautifully decorated grand lobby adorned with sparkling gold chandeliers.

Attending a A Christmas Carol at the IRT is a truly spectacular experience.


Photo Credit: Indiana Repertory Theatre

My husband and I had the complete pleasure of seeing Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol (adapted by Tom Haas) this past weekend at the IRT. I have been a stay-at-home mom for almost eleven years now, so a date night that involves dressing up is something that leaves me shouting with joy. Move over yoga pants – it’s time for pencil skirt and blouse to take center stage!


As we made our way into the auditorium, I was struck again by the beauty of it all. Like the rest of the building, it was stunning – but also had a feeling of being intimate and cozy. While the room felt cozy, the stage itself seemed grand.


Here, in this beautiful space, we watched the classic timeless story of the stingy gold-loving miser Ebenezer Scrooge come to life before our eyes.


The cast was small; and the members played multiple roles seamlessly. One of the main props on stage was a giant picture frame used numerous ways throughout the entire production. Instead of having one narrator, the narration was done by multiple cast members. All of this added an element of playfulness and humor to the show. It was very innovative, creative and fun to watch.

Photo Credit: Indiana Repertory Theatre

The story of Scrooge is a bit of a cautionary tale. As Scrooge is visited by the ghost of his former partner Jacob Marley and the three ghosts of Christmas past, present and future – the audience is reminded of the importance of treasuring those you love and not making idols of the things of this world, such as money.

Photo Credit: Indiana Repertory Theatre


Photo Credit: Indiana Repertory Theatre
Photo Credit: Indiana Repertory Theatre


We see the life of cold-hearted Scrooge who can only reply to “Merry Christmas” with the words “bah-humbug” in contrast to the lives of his kind-hearted underpaid clerk, Bob Cratchit and his family; as well as his forgiving nephew. The characters are very endearing. One of the most endearing of them all being the youngest member of the Cratchit family, Tiny Tim who exclaims the memorable words “God bless us, every one!”

Photo Credit: Indiana Repertory Theatre
Photo Credit: Indiana Repertory Theatre

This is a beautiful story of redemption and a reminder of what truly matters. Seeing the transformation of Scrooge’s character from start to finish as he realizes he has been given a second chance at life, was a joy to watch and left a giant smile on my face.

Photo Credit: Indiana Repertory Theatre

Although I was there on a date with my husband, there were many children in attendance. This is a family-friendly production that is likely to become one of your most cherished holiday traditions.

Be advised if your children scare easily there are some parts that may be a bit frightening, like Jacob Marley and the Ghost of Christmas Future. In my personal experience, some of my children scare more easily than others. If I prepare them beforehand, they are usually fine. You will just want to use your discretion.

A Christmas Carol is playing now through December 24 at the IRT. Visit www.irtlive.com for more information on show times, ticket pricing and to purchase tickets. Be sure to check out the Holiday Hoopla to find out what added holiday fun you can experience during different showtimes; such as: seeing a reindeer and elf; $10 off certain dates for police, firefighters and first responders; professional family photos in front of the holiday tree; arts and crafts led by the Garfield Arts Center and more!

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