A Better Alternative to a Traditional School Fundraiser

Schools are always looking for different types of fundraisers, since the ones involving selling overpriced wrapping paper are tiresome and painful for everyone involved. This year, in combination with the school book fair, silent auction and bake sale fundraisers, my kids’ school organized a family fun night. This year’s family fun night had a STEAM theme.







Classrooms were filled with local businesses that currently offer classes and activities involving physics, math, engineering, architecture, computer coding and art for kids.

One local business, Bricks 4 Kids, had Lego kits set up for kids to make motor-driven Lego tornadoes and “spin art,” an activity we set up at home the next day as well.

Middle Man tests out his motor-driven tornado.

Indy Science Fun had a room full of fun hands-on science experiments using magnets, pulleys, and lots of other cools stuff for kids (and adults).

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Mathnasium had a math booth set up for kids to try out a few math puzzles.


There was also a computer coding class sponsored by First Start Computer Science, a drawing class with instructors from MyArt and a 3D printer demonstration from 1st Maker Space.

STEAM night was mutually beneficial for all parties involved, it gave local companies a chance to advertise their businesses, it exposed kids to science and technology in a fun, hands-on way, and parents were able to participate in a fun student-centered fundraiser…no wrapping paper needed.


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