7 Reasons Why You Should Buy Trail’s End Popcorn this Fall

The first time I was approached to buy Boy Scouts of America/Trail’s End popcorn while entering a Kroger, I was blown away.

Sure, the young Cub Scouts warmed my heart – but the prices ranged from $10 to $50 per item. Whoa. Now that the sticker shock has subsided and I’ve learned the WHY behind the price, I am truly committed to Trail’s End Popcorn.

Yes, it’s an investment in our youth, but here are seven more great reasons why you should invest in this tasty snack.

It’s a true fundraiser.

Nearly 75 percent goes to local BSA programming and the Scouts themselves (36.5 percent goes back to the Scouts and 36.5 percent funds the Central Indiana BSA programming). Now THAT’S a number I can get behind.

When you buy Scout popcorn, you fund life-changing programs.

It isn’t cheap to plan and execute camping trips, hikes, the beloved annual pinewood derby, visits to historical sites and other fun adventures. And let’s not forget about the supplies, from canoes and tents to uniforms. The average nationwide cost of BSA overnight Camp is around $300 for an exciting, fun-filled week. With the other costs of equipment, transportation, uniforms, awards, registration and other activities, any Scout could easily have the entire year paid for through popcorn sales.

Plus, Scouts that reach certain sales goals can earn 6 percent back in the form of a college scholarship account from Trail’s End, the popcorn supplier.

You’ll help them learn meaningful life skills.

The popcorn sale teaches our Scouts about goal setting, character and leadership development, public speaking and teamwork. These are lessons that can be applied well beyond Scouting and last a lifetime.

Merit badge opportunities abound!

There are requirements in at least 13 merit badges that can be completed using the popcorn sale, such as salesmanship, personal management, communications and public speaking. Help a kid out, won’t you?

They make it easy.

The Scouts now have access to online apps and allow for credit card payments. And even if you don’t have the funds when a Scout approaches you, you can ask for his Scout code and go Trails-End.com to support them with an online purchase. There’s even free shipping on every order! And if you don’t have a personal connection with a Scout, you can choose a member from the database or the local Council.

You can support the military.

Support our troops by sending a gift of popcorn to military men and women, their families and veteran organizations. Last year, over 1,400 pallets of Trail’s End products were sent to VA Hospitals, National Guard units and military bases! You can help double that this year. Don’t forget that 60 percent of your purchase still goes back to Scouting!

And oh yeah, it’s delicious!

There are many debates about what’s best, but I will argue that the caramel corn with almonds, cashews and pecans is one of the best. There are dozens of items in inventory – including a Slim Pop with fewer calories!

So, the next time you see a Scout at a storefront offering to sell you some popcorn, consider taking the young adventurer up on it!

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